Message From Leadership

We’re excited for the privilege and opportunity to lead the strategic and operational development of Healthy Me-Healthy SC (HMHSC). Our passion is addressing health inequity through collaboration with other community partners, and spearheading efforts to improve health outcomes through transparency, accountability and sustainability.

The HMHSC journey began several years ago with the goal to better serve the rural and underserved areas of SC and connect them with much needed resources. This community-focused health initiative has comprised visiting these communities, listening to their needs and concerns, collaborating with existing providers and developing comprehensive programs and services that lead to improved health and wellness.

The work of HMHSC is fueled by the collective mission of both MUSC and Clemson University. This powerhouse partnership combines SC’s only publicly supported academic medical center with the state’s largest land grant university. This combination provides the commitment and expertise necessary to reach and impact all areas of SC.

Unfortunately, SC continues to rank among the top 10 states in the prevalence of chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension), poor mental health and cancer. Prolonged isolation and the continued effects of COVID-19 have only worsened these disease conditions since 2020. In response, HMHSC provides access to several established MUSC programs, Clemson Health Extension’s chronic disease education, Hollings Cancer Center resources, SC Telehealth Alliance and connectivity to primary care.

Social determinants of health continue to serve as major obstacles to improved health for these geographically isolated communities. These economic and social barriers include the lack of transportation, broadband access, safe and affordable housing and access to quality food and healthcare services. Our HMHSC team serves as a conduit to state and local resources to help identify solutions to these health-limiting challenges. While many organizations continue to provide outstanding services across SC to help address these challenges, we as a state lack a unified approach that fully leverages technology, innovation and our collective best resources. HMHSC seeks to be a part of that solution through leadership and collaboration.

Every citizen of SC deserves equal opportunity to experience improved health and wellness. We invite you to join us as we collectively improve health care access and health inequities in rural and underserved communities of SC through impact and innovation.